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2 hours of commercials Early 1980's

Two Hours of commercials spanning approximately 1980-85 (however, a couple 1979 commercials did creep in). How
interesting is it to see the electronic revolution start to take place all over again watching this tape.

Now Zenith not only advertises TV's but CABLE READY TV's and their new 2100 computers.

Sony is advertising their Betamax, the video format that eventually lost out to VHS.

HBO (Home Box Office) was starting to be received in more homes (a late 70's/ early 80's HBO "Feature Presentation"
intro is included on the tape, though it is from a badly tracking source tape).

Atari was coming on the scene advertising their home video games and McDonalds even had an Atari sweepstakes.
Solid old games like Battleship can get an electronic face-lift and become: Electronic Battleship.

But all was not electronic on the 80's commercial tape. You'll also see that:

Craftmatic was just starting to advertise their adjustable bed.

Coca-Cola was singing the praises of their brand new plastic liter bottle and repeating the success of their "teach to
world to sing" commercial only now it was at Disneyworld.

K-Tel must have made a bundle putting out one recent hit compilation after another.

The Navy was telling about how it's not just a job, it's an adventure.

The Army was urging you to be all you can be…

7-Up was very happy with Geoffrey Holder's deep "Uncola laugh" but also had fun bringing Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto
Duran and their sons into their commercials for a friendly stare off and some great soft drinks.

There was the old Reagan magic in his campaign ad for 1984 re-election.

Where you used to "Chill a Cella" now you "Cella-brate".

Bill Cosby really loves Jello brand products.

That Wisk still loves "Ring Around The Collar".

You'll see 1980's pop culture start to seep into the fabric of these commercials. For instance, Kraft has a commercial that
can only be described as "Devo style".

You'll see more network promos for 80's staples like Battle Of The Network Stars, Hart To Hart, T.J. Hooker and Too Close
For Comfort.

More stars (Is that Louis Jourdan promoting Canada Dry club Soda?) Stephen King uses American Express, Robert Young
uses Sanka, Sally Struthers speaks for the hungry, Betty White talks about Q-Tips, Dan (Grizzly Adams) Haggerty has a
Nestea break and there is Robin Curtis (from the Star Trek movies) loving her Johnson's Baby oil.

Two Hours in all recorded in the SP format, for the best performance possible but:

IMPORTANT: While this tape is fairly good quality and watchable some sources are of inferior quality and all around the
material has the blemishes you would expect from 20+ year old video.

Click here for list of included commercials(products listed more than once indicate a different commercial for that