2 hours of commercials 1970-79 part 3

Here we go again. More 70's commercials than you can shake a stick at. Well, to be honest, sometimes it's hard to pin
down the exact year so perhaps a few 1969 and 1980 commercials creeped in but you won't mind, it all smacks of the
same vintage.

Have fun, once more seeing the hair and the clothes from back then. See stars(Susan Dey, Judd Hirsch, "Violet" from
Willy Wonka, Mellisa Gilbert and others you can possibly find), before they were stars. See other established stars like
Tony Randall, Cheryl Ladd, Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet), Benny Goodman and more pop up in these ephemeral

I would say this tape leans more heavily towards late 70's commercials, but there is a fair amount of early 70's material
too. If you love the 70's, you are in the right place!

Also, normally I steer away from putting local commercials on but this time there are 3 local 70's commercials that
epitomize what was hip for the 70's, you'll love em. One has Monty Python style animation and the other two just have a
look at how popular iron on T-shirts and other 70's stuff were back then.

More pantyhose commercials(has more of those "Gentlemen Prefer Hanes" commercials that they must've made a
million of in the 70's and 80's), more makeup commercials, get an 8 track tape player on sale at Radio Shack for
goodness sakes!!! You get more "ring around the collar" and "retsin" in Certs! See commercials for historic flops like
the movie version of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band". See a lady in a toothpaste commercial wonder if she
should adopt the "Annie Hall" look! See the old fashioned stop motion animated Pillsbury doughboy in action! See
people try to sing the song about McDonald's Big Mac. See one of those innovative animated Levi's commercials. This
one has a realistic animated woman with a cat. Remember when they had some lady spread Pillsbury frosting with a
paper knife to show how fluffy it is? It's here!

Quality as far as these things go is fair to slightly good with some material going in the poor range. Don't expect it to
look "Digitally remastered", but you will find them watchable. They come from all different sources and some look
better then others. Recorded in the SP format for best performance possible.

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2 hours of commercials 1970-75 (Early 1970's)

Two Hours of commercials spanning 1970-75 (maybe a couple or two 1976 ones did sneak in).

Here is a tape filled end to end with early 70’s memories. We got your “Flick your Bic”, we have your talking “Wonder
Bread” bags, we go back to Mcdonaldland. We even have Mikey, who surprises everyone that he likes his Life Cereal
“He Likes it, Hey Mikey”.

This tape is also sprinkled with some nice Saturday Morning kid commercials. You get to see the Honeycomb Hide out,
Sugar Bear, Fred and Barney, stuff from Wammo and more.

What a time for TV, the early 1970’s. TV was beginning to get more sophisticated but still had enough naive flavor to
make it that much more charming.. The commercials were no different. They were starting to have an edge but still,
had that wonderful… commercial quality.

The commercials to an important period in TV history are right here. If you were a kid, they offered dazzling glimpses of
new “things” that you wanted to try. It was another world, out there in commercial land, where people called
unnecessary attention to their product choices and seemed more overjoyed than what was normal to have them. It
kept you interested.

Anyway, you’ll love the look back to that more innocent time (that was becoming more sophisticated everyday).

IMPORTANT: You can expect these commercials to be of fair quality. Some will look better than others because they
come from different sources. Overall the quality is more even then some tapes in this series but there still are rough
spots. Some commercials are from black and white sources. Here is the full list. Commercials in Black and White are
marked : BW.

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2 hours of commercials Late 1960's

Here it is, the "way back" machine is set for further back with these late 60's commercials and promos.

One thing you can say about commercials in the late 60's is that they were longer compared to 70's commercials
and later. They also represent the last of the trend prominent in the 50's and earlier 60's of the characters and stars
of TV shows actually appearing on the commercials in between the breaks of those shows in order to promote a
featured product.

Another thing you can say about them is that between the ones from the middle of the decade and the ones from the
end of it, you can really tell the major seismic cultural shifts going on.

From the shift from more clean cut music and characters in commercials to more mod, hip, young style
approaches(The American oil commercial looks like it was plucked from an Austin Powers movie). From
enthusiastic commercials about cigarettes, to one of the first, somber anti-smoking ads that mocked those very
commercials THAT WERE STILL BEING MADE!! The cultural divide is on vivid display through the commercials of this

You'll see prototypical looks at how McDonalds became a marketing force and see stuff they tried out and later
dropped (roast beef sandwich, fried chicken).

You'll see a commercial for those green stamps they always used to hand out at the cash regester.

You'll see an early Smoky The Bear PSA.

You'll see the guy that was the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard Of Oz, now be a little devil discovering Lays Potato

Milestones for the TV show "Bewitched" are here too, with promos announcing Tabitha and the fact that the show is
now "in color"

Two hours of memories and history recorded in SP mode for the best performance but:

Please note, that the quality on this tape should be considered in the fair range. And there are some segments that
are better in quality and some segments that are poorer in quality but you'll enjoy them all.

Click here for the full list(those listed more than one indicate a different commercial for the same thing).

2 hours of children's commercials 1970's & early 80's

2 hours of commercials aimed at our young eyes back in the 70's and 80's. Mostly toys and cereal but all aimed at the
young heads of 70's/ 80's youth.

These are the commercials your parents dreaded and inspired rabid desire in you for things that are for the most
part,very collectable today.

You remember what it was like before video. Your strongest connection with your favorite show or movie was the
toys you bought from it. That latest Planet Of The Apes movie would not be in the theater forever and would only be
ran on TV once in a while. But HEY! That Cornilius action figure, that's with you all the time! You have to wait a whole
day before seeing another Star Trek, but you can make up an adventure with your Kirk and Spock action figures on
that cardboard and plastic Enterprise.

Those toys weren't just toys, but a piece of the show or movie you loved.

Then, when Star Wars came out… You HAD to have a piece of that movie, a ship, a figure, something. The
commercials had something new from that movie every week, it seemed.

Then, there were the cereals and snacks that you wanted because you loved the cartoon character. You know, Fred
and Barney with their Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles, the Hawaiian Punch guy, Tony The Tiger, the Hostess fruit pie and
cake characters, Captain Crunch, Franken-Berry and Count Chocula. You'll see them again here.

You got a little of everything on this tape. From the commercials of the dearly departed Mego corporation (including
Action Jackson, Planet Of The Apes, Star Trek, Waltons, Superheroes, Wizard Of Oz and Starsky And Hutch toys) to a
huge chunk of 1970's/80's Kenner Star Wars commercials.

There are also ads for Charlie's Angels figures, Barbie, McDonalds (McDonaldland), Weebles, Mcgruff (take a bite out
of crime), GI Joe, SSP Smash Up Derby, Ice Bird, Johnny Toy Maker and more.
The Smurfs even make an appearance.

That's right, many of the commercials that so hypnotized you back in the day are back!

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2 Hours of Commercials 1970-78

Here we go again! More blasts from the past. You are getting two hours of commercials from 1970-1978, with the
balance of them pretty much early 1970's.

The tape starts of with a "BANG!" and a "ZAP!" and a "POW!" with the early 1970's PSA for the Federal Equal Pay Law.
We have Adam West, Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig donning their Bat costumes once again. Batman and Robin are in
trouble. Will Batgirl help them, despite the fact she is paid less than Robin? You have to see this to believe it. But you
probably have if you grew up in the 70's.

Sears does one of their famous "Die Hard tests". General Motors has a commercial testing out an experimental on
board drunk driving computer in their cars. A person has to punch in the right sequence of buttons or they can't start
the car.

You'll see a commercial for those green stamps they used to hand out at cash registers that you could redeem for
stuff. Remember the Brady Bunch where they fought about what to get with these stamps?

You'll see a 1970-71 commercial where an alien "beams down" to help a housewife discover Cheer detergent. The
Alien talks in much the same way Mr. Spock does in perhaps one of the first indications of the early 1970's Star Trek

Also, around 1971, Cheryl Tiegs was a spokeslady for Clean Makeup. You'll get to see one of the commercials (It
unfortunately has a 1 second audio/video glitch).

You'll also see a set of HBO promos circa 1977. The source has a bit of a tracking problem, otherwise, they are okay.

IMPORTANT quality information: Recorded in the SP mode for the best performance possible. Quality is fair with some
material falling into the poor range. Half of these commercials you'll see come from black and white archival sources.
Sometimes on the top of the screen you will even see burnt in titles telling the date of the broadcast, the time (either
elapsed or time of day) and the Network broadcasting. One set of color commercials has a timestamp towards the
bottom of the screen. Quality is better then the 1970-79 part 2 and is more like the quality overall on 1970-79 part 1. For
the most part, the picture is steady but will lack shapness and look washed out.

But you will see many commercials you have thought you have forgotten about. This will make up for the quality
shortcomings or the fact that they are in black and white when they were originally in color. You will find it overall quite
watchable. Additional quality concerns are noted beside the particular commercial on the full list below. Commercials
are complete unless they are noted as being "clipped" at the beginning or end.

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