How strange is it? When they were first on, we switched the
channel or just ignored them.

But then, they are, for the most part, put away and never
shown again. Finally, when someone is able to dig them up when
they are decades old, they embody the time so much more
vividly by there being so "made only for that time".

I'm talking about commercials, of course. You won't believe how
many you missed and how they will connect you to that time in
ways even an old TV show can't.

So, here come these tapes. Filled end to end with old
commercials (sorry, not available on DVD yet). Because of the
age and different sources used, quality varies a lot. Be sure to
note the quality info on each tape. See
"How To Order" for

Page one has 1970-79, 1976-79 and 1970-79 part 2
Page two has 1970-79 part 3, early 1970's (1970-75), Late 1960's, Children's 70's and
80's and 1970-78
Page 3 has early 1980's

2 Hours of Commercials 1970-79

Wow! Look at all these commercials! Once upon a time back in the 70's and 80's they were a nuisance.
Something you got up from your chair and got a drink during the showing of (since this was before
remote control and 100 million channels). But now, they have aged, like fine wine and BOY do you want
to see some of them again.

Here is this collection that is chock full of vintage commercials along with a few TV show promos
thrown in. Over 200 vintage commercials. Uninterrupted commercial breaks of the past. Don't you love
rediscovering something so ephemeral and so tied to its time that it takes you right back. There are
also some commercials that you've probably never seen even in their time.  These commercials come
from a variety of sources. So their video quality will range from "good" to "What is wrong with the TV?"
Some even come off of Black and White Kinescopes or archive film prints when they were originally (of
course) in color.

But if you are like me quality is a secondary consideration to be able to see some of these long gone
moments of advertising past. You can imagine how much fun you'll have when some of these
commercials come up and it revives long lost memories.

Now what will happen to you when you get a hold of these 2 hours of 1970's commercials. Will your
teeth become brighter, the ring around your collar go away or will you help that old American Indian stop
pollution. Maybe you'll just have the tape standing by when you are watching TV Land or Nick At Nite and
you'll fire up the tape for two minutes between their ,1970 or 80's era shows breaks. In any case, get
ready for some retro fun!

So, here are two hours of commercials spanning 1970-79. Highlights include commercials for the
African American hair products of Afro-Sheen and Ultra-Sheen and the Anti-Vietnam Public Service

See the unforgettable Indian American with a tear coming down the eye when someone litters on the
highway (people start pollution, people can stop it) it's the last commercial on this tape.

See the earliest of the infamous Wisk "Ring Around The Collar " commercials. See commercials for
Oscar Mayer, The Volkswagen Beetle, Coca-Cola, Cricket lighters and Dynamints(do they still make

Also see Susan Dey, Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Jacqueline Smith, Robby Benson, Marriott Hartley,
Jimmy Walker, Bill Cosby, Roddy McDowwel, Vincent Price and more in these commercials.

See if you don't remember the dancing cats in Purina cat chow (Chow! Chow! Chow!), Anita Bryant's
Florida Orange juice commercials, Pearl Drops tooth Polish (Mmmmm, it's a great feeling!), Juan Valdez
picking that very special coffee and David Naughton as the Dr. Pepper dancer (I'm a Pepper, You're a

And don't forget the old Network TV promos. The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, An ABC 1971
Sunday night promo, An ABC Nixon Inauguration promo, The controversial Linda Blair TV movie "Born
Innocent" (this one is B&W and slightly clipped off at the end).

Two Hours in all recorded in the SP format, for the best performance possible but:

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that while the quality on most of these commercials is fair to good,
there are some that are in terrible shape quality wise. But like I said, the rarity of these commercials
makes up for any shortcomings in quality and even the worst are in watchable condition.

Click here for a list of the included commercials by the approximate year, not the order they are in on
the tape.

2 Hours of Commercials 1976-79

Two hours of commercials spanning these years. With the exception of one or two commercials it has
entirely different content then the 1970-79 but sometimes the themes are familiar. For instance, Wisk
continues it’s “Ring Around The Collar” campaign and a later commercial is included here. Here are some
other things you also might remember on this tape:

Ricardo Montalbon telling us how great the Chrysler Cordova was

The possible between the lines context of having women giggle uncontrollably because they were using
the anti-perperant Tickle (with the big… wide… ball… ).

Gorgeous women surrounded this goofy looking Italian guy because he knew how to “Chill a Cella”?

The commercial from McDonalds that got you all excited to get all those McDonaldland drinking glasses
only to have a news report later on say that the paint used for printing on the glass may have lead. Turned
out to be a phony scare but it gave Ronald McDonald a public relations nightmare.

James Garner selling Polaroid cameras

Bruce Jenner telling you that it took a lot of Wheaties for him to become champion

How you started to wonder what a “union” was because you kept seeing this commercial with people
singing about how to:  “Look for the Union Label….”

When Kentucky Fried Chicken actually referred to themselves as Kentucky Fried Chicken instead of KFC.

That ABC had a tag line proclaiming that they were “Still The One”…

For cult movie fans, tape also includes an ad for a double feature of Suspiria and Eyeball, Two gruesome
cult classics.

Tape also includes a number of ABC show promos in the mix. They will be lots of fun. Note, for instance a
promo for the premiere of Mork And Mindy. To represent Mork’s spaceship they had a quick view of a
Enterprise flyby from the original Star Trek. It was processed so that none of the detail of the Enterprise
would show but the basic shape was still there. Also ABC promos for the Making Of Star Wars, Battlestar
Gallactica and the famous Leon Spinks and Mohammed Ali fight among the promos for ABC’s regular 70’s
line up.

That’s right folks! It’s a time machine in a videocassette. Especially when you see how much younger  
James Coburn, Don Knotts, Lee Iococa, Sammy Davis Jr., Cheryl Tiegs, Candice Bergen who appear in
some of these commercials looked.

IMPORTANT: Compared to the 1970-79 tape, the quality is much more even throughout but still ranges from
fair to good with the majority being fairly good quality. There are times when the audio level is low for some
commercials. About four commercials are repeated around the end of the tape to make up for another
version earlier in the tape that had low audio levels or was a bit cut off at the start or end.

Please click here for full list. Unless otherwise noted, a repeat listing indicates another commercial for the
same product.

2 Hours of Commercials 1970-79 part 2

That's right, here's more rare, old commercials to rediscover.

What fun will it be, when you have a look at the last of the Cigarette commercials before there ban in 1972.

You'll get a kick about seeing a Bufferin commercial use two empty "Visable Man" models (remember those models
with all the internal organs and a clear plastic skin shell? They were used in the Doctor's office in Space:1999 and
they are actually still being produced).

You'll rediscover the Imperial Margarine, in which a King's Crown appears on your head, when you taste it.

You'll see the Pillsbury Doughboy back in the good 'ol days when they stop motion animated him and they liked it(Now
he's computer animated).

You'll take the Krylon test, between it and another spray paint to see which one drips first.

An American Indian lady calls it Maize but we call it corn but it makes for great Mazola margarine.

This lady "Can't Believe It's A Girdle" but we can't believe she's talking about this stuff on TV.

Robert Conrad puts an Eveready battery on his shoulder and dares you to knock it off and creates Johnny Carson
jokes and parodies for the next few years.

An announcer offers to buy a piece of clothing from a lady in the Laundromat, in order to rip it in half and test different
brands of bleach. Today, they would arrest him.

Mazda GLC was "A great little car" and a side effect of the energy crisis.

Yes, they are all here… and more.

The ad for the movie that scared me to death was the one for "It's Alive"(A movie about a mutated baby with claws,
teeth and a nasty disposition). The Camera going around the baby cradle in a dark and foggy place. The heartbeat
sound effects, the deformed claw hand hanging out of the cradle, the monstrous echoey sounds of a crying mutated
baby. The announcer saying "Please. Don't see it alone…." YIPES! I had nightmares from that commercial (which
turned out to be 10 times scarier than the movie itself, although the movie was pretty good). It's here
along with a sprinkling of other rare movie TV spots.

Two Hours in all recorded in the SP format, for the best performance possible but:

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that while the quality on most of these commercials is fair to good, there are some
that are in terrible shape quality wise. I think it's fair to say that in this case, half of them are in pretty bad shape
quality wise. Some have a flickery video thing going on (but still stable enough so you can see them). Others are just
really soft looking and lacking in detail. My attitude is that if you can hear it and if you can somewhat see it, you can
still get something out of it and it's on the tape.

Click here for a list of included commercials by the approximate year, not the order they are in on the tape.