Nice And Easy by Clairol
Staypuf fabric softener
Sta-Flo spray starch
ABC Saturday night promo: Dating Game, Newlywed Game, Lawrence Welk, Hollywood Palace
ABC Promo: It Takes a Thief
ABC Hollywood Palace still and voiceover promo
ABC Promo Sunday Night Movie: Walk On The Wild Side
101 filter cigarettes from Chesterfields
All detergent
Final Touch fabric softener
ABC Sunday Promo: Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea ,The F.B.I, Sunday Night Movie
ABC Promo: ABC News special report: Venice, City In Danger
Dentyne chewing gum
Polaroid Instant Camera
Summer Blond Hair Lightener
Clearasil Acne cream
Tame Cream rinse
Curl Free hair straightener
Certs breath mints
Edwin shoes
Miss America shoes (shows a girl that might be Kate Jackson)
Life board game
Stri-dex medicated pads
Dr. Pepper
Breck Shampoo
Go Go Hair lightener
Stri-dex medicated pads
Dr. Pepper (heat it up for the Holidays)
ABC Promo: Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
Certs Breath mints
Breack Shampoo
Heinz Ketchup
Heinz Ketchup with a wide mouth bottle
Great Shakes milk shake mix
White Rain hair spray
Tame cream rinse
Dentyne Gum
Right Guard deodorant
Curl Free hair relaxer
Polaroid automatic instant camera
Viceroy cigarettes
Super Shell gasoline with Platformate
RCA new 1968 color TV line
Lays Potato chips (with Burt Lahr, The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard Of Oz)
Aqua Velva
Kodak Instamatic M-9 movie camera
Trident sugarless gum
S and H Green Stamps (Those little stamps they used to give out at the cash register. M*A*S*H the TV series' Father Mulcahy,
William Christopher is in this ad)
Yellow Pages party pack
AT and T Long Distance
First National travel checks
Axion enzyme active presoak
Kodak instamatic color cameras
Certs breath mints
American Heart Association (one of the first anti smoking ads!)
Aero wax
Easy On speed starch
Hi-Karati after shave and cologne
Flan Cologne (some glitches and audio drop outs)
Amercian Oil
Country Corn Flakes from General Mills
One A Day vitamins
Raid Bug Killer
Dole Pineapple
Pillsbury Something Diff'rent bake mix
Pillsbury Sour cream fudge cake mix
Smokey The Bear, prevent forest fires PSA
Timex Watch
Timex electric watches for ladies
Timex electric watches for men
Timex Ladies watch
Windsong Spray (Windsong stays on my mind)
Ponds Cold Cream
General Moters
Fridgidare Jet Action Washing machine
Colgate Toothpaste
L and M cigarettes
Pertussen cough syrup
Groom And Clean
Chesterfield Kings Cigarettes
L and M cigarettes
Polaroid swinger camera
L and M cigarettes
L and M cigarettes
Sea and Ski lotion
Pet'm pet products
Baby Ruth candy bars
Royal Gelatin
L and M cigarettes
Quaker Life cereal
Chevrolet Chevelle
Ken-L-Ration Burger
Chevrolet Camero
Chevrolet Impala
Quaker Life cereal
Puss and Boots cat food
1967 Chevrolet
Ken-L-Ration dog food
Kodak Instamatic camera with Samantha and her mother from Bewitched
Quaker Life cereal
Ken-L-Ration stew
Puss and Boots cat food
Quake and Quisp cereal with Elisabeth Montgomery
Quaker Life cereal
Chevrolet cars
Ken-L-Ration burger
McDonalds roast beef on a roll
McDonalds fried chicken
McDonalds with Ronald McDonald
McDonalds Big Mac
McDonalds Filet O' Fish
McDonalds Cheeseburger with special cheese
McDonalds "It's the closest thing to home"
McDonalds "Special Young Man"
McDonalds "It's Such a Happy Place"
McDonalds French Fries
McDonalds apple pie
McDonalds is fun
ABC promo Bewitched "in color"
ABC promo: Elisabeth Montgomery, Judy Carne and Marlo Thomas sit on the couch in the Bewitched living room set and
promote the line up of: Bewitched. Love On A Rooftop and That Girl
ABC promo: Batman, F-Troop, Bewitched, Love On A Rooftop, That Girl, Stage 67
ABC promo: Bewitched (this is probably from 1970 but I'm sure you won't mind)
ABC Promo: Bewitched "in color"
Clairol Electric Hair setter with Elisabeth Montgomery
ABC promo: An animated promo promoting the birth of Tabitha on Bewitched
NBC Promo: Star Trek
Rexall drug stores
Butternut roasted blend coffee 69
Esso Cold weather extra gasoline
Burger Chef with Family Circle characters