How to identify a repro!

So, you see this wonderful C10 boxed Mego on Ebay. You begin to wonder
if the box is real or if it's a repro.

Before, repros were usually easily identified since they usually had a dull
finish and looked as if they were made from color copies.

Now, with me trying to duplicate the look and feel of real Mego boxes, you
have to look a little harder. But it's not difficult to spot a repro, even mine.

As a matter of fact, I tend to think the bright, amped up, saturated color of
my repros would be more colorful then a real Mego box, even one off a
production line in the 1970's.

The people that made these boxes knew that kids would see their
packaging in even more brighter and colorful terms than the actual printing
was. So, whatever color and splash was put on the boxes, we would add to
with our imaginations.

My repros are more colorful, on purpose to recreate the way we saw them
back then.

So, if the color on the pictures of the box looks too bright and unfaded to
be true, maybe it is.

But to really be sure, look at the corners and the edge of the window cut.

Authentic Mego boxes will show cardboard color at the edges. But the best
thickness I have found is with white board. So, all the corners are a dead
give away for it.

There is one true graphics difference I can think of for the real boxes
compared to mine.

The window box for the Mad Monsters are so rare, that the repros have
been created by me with having none of them or any of them scanned.

The result is very similar, if I do say so myself but there are some real

On the real "Eyes and hands glow in the dark" blurb the green fringe
extends beyond the letters. On mine the letters extend beyond the
green fringe.

Even though the picture of the real one is quite low rez, you can see
what I mean by the comparison below.

So, now you have a little information to make sure any reproduction
you get will be because you know and want it. Be vigilant and have fun.