Eagle Brand condensed milk
Electronic Battleship
Post Cereals fun and fitness program
Sanka with Robert Young
Chimare perfume
Prince Matchabelli cologne
ABC promo Happy Days/Laverne And Shirley/Three's Company/Too Close For Comfort
Trident sugarless gum with Peggy Flemming
Lipton Cup Of Soup
Clorox Bleach
ABC Promo Barbara Walters interviews Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds and Paul Newman
ABC Logo
Couger 4 door sedan (might be Rachel Ward here)
Plus One electronic game
ABC promo That's Incredible (clipped at the end)
La Sauce: sauces for chicken
Mark Of A Man Cologne
Stanley Do It Yourself Garage door opener
Sinex Nasal spray
Cella wine (Cella-brate)
ABC Promo Taxi/Soap/Vegas
Charles Angels ABC tag
Burger King new Roast Beef sandwich
Shell Answer man (come to Shell… for answers)
Charlie Perfume (with Shelly Hack)
ABC news promo
Silkians shampoo
Milk Bone dog biscuits
Wrangler Jeans
Polaroid Instant Camera
Dial Soap
ABC promo Battle Of The Network Stars
Jello pudding pops with Bill Cosby
Centrum vitamins
Ford Grenada
Hickory Farms
French Columbard, Earnst and Julio Gallo wine
ABC promo Vegas
Canada Dry club soda (this is perhaps Louis Jourdan)
Sofia Loren: Sofia perfume
Colgate toothpaste
McDonald's gift certificates
Vick's Daycare medicine
Stay Free minipads
Black and Decker work mate
ABC promo Fighting Back
Clorox 2
Dodge Airies K with Lee Iacocca
7-UP Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and sons
ABC promo That's Incredible/Monday Night Football
Atari video game
Prestone Anti-freeze
Children's Panadol
Murcury Cougar
Zenith Smart Set TV and 2100 Computers
AT and T
Mounds and Almond Joy Coconut bar
Vidal Sassoon hair care
ABC promo Foul ups, Bleeps and Blunders/ A.K.A Pablo
Burger King new salads
First Federal Banks
Mazda GLC
Budweiser Olympic theme
Affinity Shampoo
Johnson's Baby Oil (with Robin Curtis)
ABC promo A.K.A. Pablo
Ford Cars
AT and T (with Cliff Robertson)
ABC promo 20/20
New Perma lens contact lenses
Lady Speed Stick
Duration Nasal spray
ABC Promo Two Marrages/Lottery
Honda Civic
Loreal Eye Shadow
Benificial tax service
Luvs diapers
AT and T
Stella Dorra bread sticks
ABC promo "The Spy Who Loved Me"
AMC Jeep
Cadbery Chocolate Crème Eggs
Windy's Fish Filet
Diet Pepsi
The People's Court Promo
ABC Promo Hart To Hart
Midas Mufflers
Sally Struthers CCF (starving children charity)
Miss Clairol hair color
Close Up Tooth paste
Johnson's Baby oil
Aziza mascara
McDonalds/Atari Asteroids sweepstakes
Fresh Start Detergent
Final Net hair spray
Oil Of Olay
Cling Free sheets
Q-Tips (with Betty White)
Wisk (Ring Around The Collar)
Nestea (with Dan Haggarty)
Soft Philly Cream cheese
Nice 'N Easy from Clairol
Clairol condition beauty packs
Sun Light dish soap
Oil Of Olay
Aziza blush
Top Job cleaner
Era detergent
Aquafresh toothpaste
Johnson's baby powder
McDonalds/Atari Asteroids sweepstakes
Mobil Detergent Gasoline
Caress skin bar
Agree Shampoo
Kellog's Corn flakes (a little clips at the end)
Easy To Be Me pantyhose
Starburst fruit chews
J.C. Pennies Stereo set
Zenith new cable ready TV
Body On Tap (with Christina Ferrara)
1980 Flash Gordon movie TV spot
Maybelline Mascara
The Navy (It's not just a job, it's an adventure…)
K-TEL Images Album
Tab Cola
No Nonsense pantyhose
Zenith Warranty pledge
Craftmatic adjustable beds (I think this is one of their first ads)
Agree Rinse
Snickers (Snickers satisfies you…)
J.C. Pennies Auto centers
Rollamatic self cleaning mop
Hanes (Gentlemen prefer Hanes…)
Maybelline Eye shadow
Mike Dougles promo (Charlton Heston, Bo Derek, Joan Rivers)
Coca Cola new plastic liter bottle
PSA proper eating, 4 food groups
K-TEL's sundown album (country music)
J.C. Pennies
The Navy (it's not just a job…)
Columbia record and tape club (with Dick Clark)
M and M's
7-UP Magic Johnson
Mike Dougles promo (Sammy Davis Jr., Lily Tomlin and Neal Sedaka)
Cracker Jack popping corn
Rice A Roni Wild Rice
ABC Promo Happy Days/Laverne And Shirley/ 9to 5/ Three's Company
ABC Promo Greatest American Hero
Starburst fruit chews
Peter Pan re-release TV spot
Reynold's wrap foil
Halls Myntholyptus lozenges
Gordon's fish sticks and filets
Noxima Skin cream
1983 Olympic calendar offer
Megaforce video game
Theragram-M vitamins
Fancy Feast cat food
Trident mints
Vidal Sassoon Shampoo
7-UP (uncola laugh)
Superman peanut butter
Snickers candy bar
Nair hair cream
Bubblelicious bubblegum
Phisoderm lotion
Capri-sun drink pouches
The Army (Be all that you can be…)
Kraft products (Devo style)
Stridex pads
For Oily Hair Only (F.O.H.O) shampoo
Tender Heart Bear from Kenner
M and M's
ABC promo T.J. Hooker
Trident Sugarless gum
100,000 bar
Aquafresh toothpaste
Royal Oak Charcoal
Impulse body spray (when a man gives you flowers.. that's Impulse)
Chic jeans
Dentyne gum (brush your breath with Dentyne)
Levi's Jeans
ABC Sports promo
Quasar products
Pepto Bismo
Luv's One step refastenable diapers
Amercian Express card (with Stephen King)
Body Double TV spot
Secret Anti-Persperant
Bold 3 Detergent
Ivory Liquid
Big Red
American Express (with Michel Lengrad)
Safe Guard
Reagan for President re-election ad
Jif Peanut butter
PSA on reading clothing care labels (using the Frankenstein monster)
K-MART (sound problems)
McDonald's fish filet
Levi's Women's wear
Sony Betamax
Twix Candy bar
Maybelline Mascara
McDoanald's Christmas gift certificates
J.C. Pennies shirts
Coca Cola (I'd like to teach the world to sing reprise at Disneyland)
Great Loaf Meat Loaf mix
HBO Intro and Feature presentation tag
HBO promo for Greased Lightning and Poco