Behold Furniture polish
1.49 Bic Butane lighter with Judd Hirsch
Lipton Cup Of Soup with Ed McMann
Binaca mouth Wash
One A Day Vitamins
Uncle Ben’s Stuff ‘N Such
Every Night Shampoo
Pillsbury Rich and Easy frosting mix
Excedrin PM
Ruffles potato chips
Lens Mate Contact Lens solution with Ed McMann
Vanquish cold medicine
Kimbles diapers
Missouri Breaks TV Spot
Cycle 3 Dog Food for overweight dogs
Bell System for long distance
Life Cereal “He likes it! Hey Mikey!”
Lavoris mouth wash
Vicks Formula 44
Scotts Liquid Gold
Super Rich Mascara by Mabeline
Volkswagon Beetle
Ramada Inns
Cling Free Anti Static Spray
Calgon Bath Oil Beads (this might be Cheryl Ladd)
Pure Magic Clear Makeup by Max Factor
Kraft Caramels
Pepto Bismo
Morton Salt
Celenise fabric players (Howard Hessman)
Vanquish with Judd Hirsch
PSA for the State Employment Service “Stay In School”
Whirlpool Refrigerators
Moonwind perfume from Avon
Bell Telephone
Pontiac Luxury Lamans
Clairol conditioning shampoo
Excedrin with David Jansson
Aqua Velva Surf after shave
I can’t Believe It’s A Girdle Girdle
Spreadables meat salad sandwich spreads
Friskees 31% protein food
Clear eyes drops by Murine
Wonder Bread (animated faces on the bread bags)
Mazolla no stick spray
Forget Me Nots from FTD florists with Louis Jourdan
Scott towels
Masengil disposable douche
Pure Magic Super Clear from Max Factor with Jaclyn Smith
Eveready heavy duty battery
Kool Aid
American Heart Association (animated with the Tin Man from Wizard Of Oz)
National Alliance Of Businessmen PSA
Tang (animated)
McDonalds “Don’t Pollute” with Ronald McDonald and living trash cans
Sunshine Chip A Roos (Animated)
ABC Wide World Of Sports spot
Captain Crunch cereal (animated)
Funny Face drink mix (animated characters)
Life Savers candy and gum (animated)
Tom Sawyer stamps at the Post Office
Snik Snak (early version of Kit Kat)
Trix cereal (with Trix Rabbit)
Honeycomb cereal (Honeycomb hideout) BW
Super Sugar Crisp cereal (with Sugar bear) BW
100,000 Bar BW
Freakies Cereal BW
Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes (with Tony The Tiger) BW
Keebler fudge covered cookies (animated with the Keebler elves) BW
G.I. Joe BW
Marathon Candy Bar BW
Mr. Bubble (animated) BW
Captain Crunch cereal with crunch berries (animated) BW
Water Wiggle and Slip And Slide from Wammo BW
Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles (with Fred and Barney)
G.I. Joe (same one as before, only in color)
Keds Gold Medal sneakers
ABC promo 10,000 Pyramid
Behold Furniture polish
Excedrin PM
Bic Butane (flick your Bic)
Betty Crocker Cake and Frostings
Shout Stain remover spray
Favor Furniture cleaner
United Airlines
Mayflower movers
RCA XL 100 Television
Revlon Auto Color Up sticks
Wamsutta Bed clothes
Skippy dog food
Dismiss disposable douche
RCA XL 100 Television
New York Life Insurance
Everready alkaline batteries
United Way
Boeing 747
Homelite chainsaws
Owen’s Corning fiberglass insulation
Ford Motor company new mileage improvements
ABC Logo
STP oil treatment
Mr. Coffee
Little Mac 60 second burger machine with Joe Namith
AMF golf clubs
Budweisser Beer (Clydesdales)
Sears Die Hard Battery
Goodyear Flexten tires
Savings and Loan retirement plan
Norelco Coffee maker with Danny Thomas
Goodyear F-32 winter radial
Motercraft auto parts
Right Guard double protection spray
Miller Beer (Miller time, high life)
Barrum Riff pipe tobacco
Welcome Back Kotter still and voiceover promo
United way
Metropolitan Life Insurance
Gillette Trak 2 adjustable razor (slightly clipped)
Cricket lighter
Zenith color TV’s
Commercial Credit Loans
Super Sugar Crisp cereal with Sugar Bear
Shasta Cola (animated with Tom Bosley voiceover)
Mattel Sew Magic Barbie sew machine
PSA warning about getting busted for drugs in other countries
Sears Runabout sneakers
Hostess Donuts
Kohner Busy Gym and Busy Box toys for babies
Professional strength Raid
Fritos with W.C. Fritos (animated)
Fisher Price Toys
Mattel Tough Stuff Pounder truck
Give to the collage of your choice PSA
Garden Gal Doll from Kenner
Seven Seas Viva Italian dressing
Libby’s fruit float
Chef Boy R Dee Spaghetti sauce (the founder tours the factory)
Children’s Allerest
Max Pax coffee
Pizza Hut (with Rich Little imitating W.C. Fields)
Bic Banana pen
Crayola crayons
Nair Foam
Trident Gum
Listerine lozenges
KZR Spot Cleaner
Cadalac cars for 1974
Savings and Loan
Sunbeam curler styler with Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs
Aetna insurance
Cadalac El Derado
Wilson Tennis Rackets (autograph series)
Sunnbeam Self Cleaning shot of steam iron
Rockwell International with Bob Hope
Wilson Tennis Balls
Savings and Loan
Kung Foo ABC still and voiceover promo
Aetna Investments
Funny Girl ABC still and voiceover promo
American Express
Bell Long Distance
Farah slacks
Erik filter tip cigars
ABC News promo BW
Johnson’s No More Tangles crème rinse BW
Mod Squad ABC promo BW
Marcus Welby M.D. ABC promo BW
Christmas seals 1971 American Lung Association BW
Three Musketeers bar BW
Noxima skin clenser BW
McDonalds McDonaldland
McDonalds do not litter with Ronald and living trash cans different than the one earlier
McDonalds Halloween trick or treat safety cuffs offer with Ronald
Mcdonalds Christmas certificates with Ronald
McDonalds little stuffed Ronald McDonald offer
McDonalds red, white and blueberry shakes