Mego section:

Action Jackson (4)
Lainie Dancing Doll
Action Jackson Jungle House
Action Jackson Jeep
Action Jackson Helicopter
Planet Of The Apes figures (unfortunately, sound is a bit distorted on all POTA ads)
Planet Of The Apes figures new for 1975
Planet Of The Apes Fortress
Planet Of The Apes Forbidden Zone trap
The Waltons figures and country home
World's Greatest Superheroes
Batman and Robin, Mobile Crime Lab and Jokermobile
Hall Of Justice playset
Star Trek action figures
Star Trek action figures new for 1976
Star Trek Enterprise playset
Star Trek Communicators
Star Trek Command console
Star Trek Mission To Gamma 6 playset
Star Trek Super Phaser 2 game
Star Trek Intergalactic projector
Star Trek Tricorder
Star Trek Startrekulator calculator
Ballbuster board game
The Wizard Of Oz figures
Batman Batcoders
Batman Base station
Batman Bat recorder
Batman Wayne Foundation
Wonder Woman line
Starsky And Hutch line
CB McHaul CB truck
King Kong figure
Mohammad Ali figure
Happy Days line

End of Mego section

Charlie's Angels dolls line (5 ads)
Malibu Barbie
Baby Crawl Along
Barbie and friends
Tuesday Taylor line (2 ads)
Rub A Dub Dollie

Star Wars section includes:

Death Star Station
Land Speeder
Radio Controlled R2-D2
Land Of The Jawas
Patrol Dewback
Action figures
Vader's Tie fighter
Large figures
Droid Factory
Creature Cantina
Radio Controlled Sandcrawler

… and about sixty more ads up through Return of the Jedi

Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles
Hostess Fruit pies and cupcakes
Smurfing sing along album
Hostess Fruit pies and cupcakes
Snoopy racers
Frankenberry and Count Chocula cereals
McDonalds Happy Meal with Ronald McDonald
Sugar Frosted Flakes with Tony The Tiger
McDonald's McDonaldland (5 ads)
7-UP (Don't be left out in the Cola)
7-UP (The Uncola)
7-UP (Cola World)
M and M's (slightly clipped at the start)
Pals Vitamins
Welch's grape jelly with premium jars with Archie characters
Starkist Tuna (Sorry Charlie)
Hostess Ding Dongs
Funny Face drink mix (clipped)
Hawaian Punch drink mix Lemon pink
Captain Crunch cereal
Saturday Superstar movie promo
Multiplication Rock is brought to you by Nabisco tag
McGruff, Take A Bite Out Of Crime
Weebles Circus
Baby Needs you
Clash of The Cosmic Robots
Barbie Town House
Tomy Merry Go School Bus
Sit and Spin
SSP Smash Up Derby
Screen A Show
Gnip Gnop
Barbie Country Camper
Big Jim
In A Minute Cake Maker
Johnny Toy Maker
GI Joe Adventure team
Ice Cube board game
Play Doe fun factory
GI Joe Adventure team
Ice Bird
Inch Worm
Evil Knieval stunt car