PSA Federal Equal Pay law Batman, Robin and Batgirl (Adam West, Burt Ward Yvonne Craig)
Kellogg's Corn Flakes (has audio dropouts)
Sears Kenmore trash compactor
Sears Lady Kenmore dishwasher
Purina cat chow
Pepto Bismo
Reynolds wrap oven bags (brown in bag)
Mrs. Paul fish sticks and filets
Whirlpool dealers (Judd Hirsch)
Dutch Masters Cigars
Firestone studded winter tires
General Electric color TV's
NFL Strategy game by Tudor
Mutual Of New York insurance (MONY)
Brut cologne w/George Blanda of the Oakland Raiders (slightly clipped at start)
Hamilton Beach butter up popper with Joe Namith
Tijuana Smalls cigars
National Association of Insurance Agents
Texaco products
Class A racing toy set by Ideal
Sears Dynaglass ice and snow tires
Sears Die Hard Battery
National Collegiate Athlete Association PSA
Chevrolet free luggage rack offer (on station wagons)
Texaco service station
State Farm Insurance (like a good neighbor, State Farm is there…)
Tiparillo long, slim cigarettes
General Motors experimental drunk driving car disabler (wait until you see this! Slightly clipped at start)
Holiday Inn
Dutchmaster cigar showcase
1972 Chevelle by Chevrolet (Casey Kasem voice over)
Smokeless Tobaccos: Copenhagen, Skoal and Happy Days
Hamms Beer
RCA XL 100's color TV
Firestone winter tires
1971 All American Football Team special promo ABC (still and voiceover)
General Motors safety features
Homelite Iso Chainsaw (get a free toy chainsaw for your kid with the purchase of the real one)
Texaco (Trust your car to the man that wears the star…)
Chevrolet Vega (Casey Kasem voiceover)
Dick Cavett show ABC promo (still and voiceover)
Prudential Insurance (Get a piece of the rock…)
Prell Shampoo
Ivory Soap
Planters Peanuts (William Shallert voiceover to this animated commercial)
Blue Bonnet Margarine
Playtex 18 hour girdle
Freezone corn medicine
Lysol spray
S and H green stamps (the stamps you used to get at the cash register to get redeemed for items)
General Electric one touch color TV (Mason Adams)
Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup
Yardly black label cologne (the night belongs to Yardly)
Wizard air freshener
Easy Off oven cleaner
Kent Menthol 100's
Victor's cough drops
Kent 100's
ABC Young Lawyers/ Football game promo (still and voiceover)
Swedish Tanning Secret lotion
Clorets mints and spray
Esla electric outboard boat motors
Shell No Pest Strips
Schick Hot Lather machine
Rolaids Tablets
Polident Super Green Powder
Savings and Loan
Gino's sliced frozen pizza
Bufferin Aspirin
Amana Radar Range Microwave (with Barbara Hale)
Welch's grape juice
Sominex sleep aid
Quality Inn
Pepto Bismo
1973 General Electric color TV's solid state and modular
Menthylatum deep heating rub and lotion
Confident denture adhesive
Bufferin Arthritis strength
Grecian formula 16
Jockey fashion underwear
Di-gel antacid tablets
Bayer Time Release aspirin
Crest toothpaste
Metropolitan life
Alka Seltzer
One-a-day vitamins
Benjamin Moore paint
Servtan Laxative
Lanie Kazan Aqua Vella lotion
Cool Ray Safe Driver Sun Glasses from Polaroid
Cool Ray flip ups from Polaroid
Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup
Macleans toothpaste
Johnny Bench for Blue Venture hair tonic
Sunbeam Fast Track electric shaver
General Electric One Touch Color TV
Lady Sunbeam electric shaver
Arthritis Pain Formula from Anacin
Dristan Nasal mist
Miracle Brush (The lint brush when it was new. Ending is clipped a bit)
All Temperature Cheer (with a thinly veiled parody of Star Trek's Mr. Spock)
Duncan Hines Cakes
Noxzema Skin cream
Cheryl Tiegs for Clean Makeup by Noxzema (there is about a one second audio/video glitch here)
Scope Mouth Wash
Head and Shoulders Shampoo
Chevrolet Camero
Formica floor shine
Chevrolet Caprice
Coca Cola
Chiclets gum
Score Natural hair spray
Coca Cola
Hartford insurance
Scott's Liquid Gold
Magnavox annual TV/Stereo sale
Savings and Loan Foundation
Bayer Time Release Aspirin
Bounty Towels (with Nancy Walker as Rosie the waitress)
Mexana medicated powder
Geritol vitamins
Aqua Velva
Scout (jeep style truck) by International Harvester
Brim Coffee
Heinz 57 Steak Sauce
Decon Four/Gone Fog Guard Roach Killer
Phillips milk of Magnesia
Ocusol eye drops
Upjohn Unicap vitamins
Pam Vegetable Spray
Wolf's Head motor oil
Rolaids (How do you spell relief?)
Radio Shack Duo phone speakerphone
Fiat (A lot of car, not a lot of money)
Hold cough suppressant
Spray and Wash (with Betty White)
Glass Plus
Saturday Night Live with Howard Cossell (this is the SNL that Howard was the star of, not the one at 11:30 on NBC. Still and
voiceover promo)
Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp
Hamilton Beach crock pot
M and M's
Phillips MO
Rinse and Vac carpet cleaner machine
675 watt Amana Radar Range (Barbara Hale)
Polident denture cleaner
Datril pain reliever
Robert Young for Decaffeinated Sanka
Captain and Tennille ABC promo (still and voiceover)
HBO station identification still
HBO coming up next (Audrey Rose)
HBO promo "Pipe Dreams"
HBO Sports promo (1977-78 Basketball)
HBO promo "Lion in Winter"
HBO promo "The Shootest"
HBO promo " A Small Town In Texas"
HBO promo "Stay Hungry"
HBO promo "The Offense"
HBO promo "Voyage Of The Damned"
HBO station ID animation
HBO "This film is rated PG" tag
Ultra Max Shampoo
Dry Idea
Bad News Bears TV show and The Hobbit CBS promo
Shirley McClaine Live at The Lido CBS promo
Stri-dex medicated pads
Sammy Davis Jr. for Alka Seltzer
Fruit Of The Loom underwear (with the Fruit Of The Loom guys)
Blind Ambition CBS promo
Rocky's People (Rocky 2 behind the scenes) CBS promo
Fed Mart stores, highlighting Underalls pantyhose
Band Aid (I am stuck on Band Aid brand 'cause Band-Aid's stuck on me) Stays on in water
Neet hair removal gel
Jaclyn Smith for Wella Balsam shampoo
Genuine Bell Phones
The Dukes Of Hazzard CBS promo