A "Charlie's Angels is brought to you by…" Rosemilk tag
GE Bright Stick
Schlitz Lite with James Coburn looking his debonair macho best
Dry Idea
ABC promo Mork And Mindy/ Three's Company/ Taxi
ABC logo
Tab Cola
Colortrack TV by RCA
ABC promo Makin' It/What's Happening/ Shampoo
ABC promo Roots: The Next Generation
Bell Telephone
Carefree sugarless gum
ABC promo Love Boat/Fantasy Island
Beneficial income tax service with Don Knots (audio problems, a better version of this ad is repeated towards the end of the
ABC promo Shampoo
Tylenol liquid
Sheer indulgence panty hose
Chrysler Lebarron with Lee Iococa
Sony 26" Trinitron
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Cabris natural wine
ABC promo The Ropers/Detective School/Love Boat
ABC logo
Oreida French fries
Suburu four wheel drive
ABC promo Vegas
ABC Sports Promo San Diego vs. Oakland
McCain super crisps
Snow Country Store
Close Up toothpaste
Denim after shave
ABC promo Laverne and Shirley/Benson
GE (we bring good things to life)
Chrysler Cordova with Ricardo Montalbon
And Justice For All TV spot
Shell answer man booklets at Shell dealers
Burger King (slightly clipped off at start)
Five Alive frozen drink mix
Natural Wonder lash mascara
Present Company (who had blank VHS tapes on sale for $17.97 each!!)
1980 Dodge Diplomat
STP Gas Treatment
First Alert smoke detector with William Conrad
Chaz cologne and after shave
ABC Late Night Promo Barney Miller/Adam's Women
Betty Crocker potato dish mixes
Mr. Coffee
Jeep Cherokee four wheel drive
Toastmaster toaster oven
ABC Late Night promo Barney Miller/Love Boat
Aamco transmission service
Two Guys stores (a little clipped at the beginning, repeated towards the end of tape)
Leggs regular panty hose (low audio for some of this ad)
Dunkin Donuts
Maxi Gloss lip gloss by Max Factor
Sizzlean breakfast strips
Cella Bianco wine (chill a Cella)
Honey Bran cereal by Purina
4 Way long acting nasal spray
Tickle roll on (one of the ladies in the ad might be Connie Sellica)
Canada Dry
GE Coffee Brew Starter
Stove Top stuffing mix
GM Mr. Goodwrench
Minute Maid orange juice with Bing Crosby
Hush Puppies shoes
Betty Crocker cake and frosting
Schlitz beer
Bell Telephone
Toyota Hatchback
ABC promo Welcome Back Kotter /What's Happening
ABC promo Barney Miller/Carter Country/Redd Foxx
ABC promo "The movies on ABC"
Cutex with Jennifer O' Neil
Clorox 2 with all fabric bleach
Alka Seltzer
Freshen Up Gum
Miss Clairol
Tickle roll on (with the big wide ball!)
Wisk (Ring around the collar)
Close Up Toothpaste
Holiday Inn
Frigidaire refrigerator
ABC promo Welcome Back Kotter/Making Of Star Wars special
ABC promo Fish/Operation Petticoat/San Piedro Beach Bums(with Charlie's Angels as guest stars)
JC Pennies shoes
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Perkins restaurants
Prior Double Dark beer
Kellogg's corn flakes
Ultra Brite toothpaste with Cheryl Ladd
4-09 spray cleaner
Kodak paper
No Nonsense pantyhose
Extra Strength Tylenol
ABC promo Barney Miller/ Carter Country/ Redd Foxx
Welcome Back Kotter (slightly clipped)
One A' Day Vitamins
Glad trash bags
Datsun trucks
Cling Free sheets
Cover Girl Cheryl Tiegs
Gillette Atra
ABC Promo Making Of Star Wars/Curse Of The Black Widow
Close Up Toothpaste with Tom Sellick
Ford Trucks
Irish Spring soap
Ken-l Ration tender chunks
Undieleggs pantyhose
Rubbermaid Roughnecker plastic garbage barrel
Holiday Inn
Kellogg's Raisin Bran
National Chevy Week
Carefree sugarless gum
ABC logo
Rosemilk with Betty Buckley
Bell Telephone
ABC promo Mork And Mindy premiere/Barney Miller/Soap
ABC promo Love Boat/Fantasy Island
Tickle roll on
Clairol condition shampoo
ABC Sports promo Spinks and Ali fight
Lemon-sol (clipped at the start, repeated towards the end of the tape)
Maybeline great lash mascara
McDonald's Big Mac
ABC Sports promo (college football/Ali-Spinks fight)
Mr. Coffee with Joe Dimaggio
Oil Of Olay
Signal mouthwash
ABC promo Battlestar Gallactica (clipped at start, repeated towards end of tape)
Sunbeam ranch bread
Alka Seltzer with Sammy Davis Jr.
Mazda GLC
Glad 2-ply trash bags
Cover Girl Cheryl Tiegs
Right Guard
Flair Quick Silver pen
ABC promo Lassie/Battlestar Gallactica
A.R.M. Allergy Relief Medicine
Wheaties with Bruce Jenner
ABC promo Charlie's Angels/Vegas
Listerine mouthwash (audio problems, repeated towards end of tape)
Sheer Energy pantyhose
ABC Late Night promo Barney Miller/Beautiful But Deadly
Revlon moisture release treatment
Heinz Gravy
Sunrise instant coffee (a little clipped off at start)
Handi Wipes
Soup Starter
Presto popcorn popper/Frybaby mini deep fryers
Hamburger Helper
Lysol Spray
K-Tel's Starflight album
Glass Plus cleaner
Easy To Be Me from No Nonsense pantyhose
Michelob (Weekends were made for…) narrated by John Forsythe
Loving Care hair color
Tickle roll on
ABC promo Welcome Back Kotter/Fish/Barney Miller/Carter Country
Cover Girl nail slicks
Kellogg's Cracklin' Bran
ABC promo Ben Vereen, His Roots
Martin Senor paints
Yamaha Cycles
Sears Hardware sale
ABC promo Having Babies/Starsky And Hutch
Dial Soap
Maxi Thick Mascara
Gallo Burgundy wine
Agree Shampoo
Butcher's Blend from Purina
Today's Girl pantyhose
Eyeball/Suspiria Double Feature TV spot
Welch's Grape Juice
Del Monte corn (clipped a little at the start)
Maybelline colors that cling
Lifebouy soap
EPT Pregnancy test
Listermint mouthwash
Old Spice Cologne
Appedrine Appetite suppressant
Capri Sun fruit drinks
Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies
Arm and Hammer baking soda
Ziploc sandwich bags
Nice 'N Easy hair color
Extra Strength Excedrin
Pollenex feet relief
Campbell's Chunky Soup
Maxi Gloss
Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Spagetti dinner
Canada Dry Mixer
Pillsbury buiscits
Jeep truck
Reuniti (on Ice, that's nice)
Dr. Scholl's insoles
Cie perfume with Candice Bergen
Chuck Wagon dog food
Kodak Handle 2 Camera (might be a little clipped)
Sunkist soda
Quaker Corn Bran
Flex Balsom conditioner
Black and Decker Workmate
Beneficial income tax service with Don Knots (repeat of an earlier commercial that had a problem first time around)
Two Guys stores (repeat of an earlier commercial that had a problem first time around)
ABC promo Battlestar Gallactica (repeat of an earlier commercial that had a problem first time around)
Listerine (repeat of an earlier commercial that had a problem first time around)
McDonalds drinking glasses with McDonaldland characters
Pepsodant toothpaste with Steve Lawrence
All Detergent
Hawaiian Punch
Max Factor Waterproof makeup with Jaclyn Smith
ABC promo Barbara Walters interviews Fidel Castro
ABC promo Fish
ABC promo Suicide Run
McCain super fries
Coppertone tan lotion
Chevy Monte Carlo
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Sears Shock Absorber/tires
Alka Seltzer/Alka 2
ABC promo The Feather and Father Gang
Earth Born Shampoo
Sears Die Hard Battery/tires
ABC network promo "Still The One" shorter version (clipped at the end)
Wisk (Ring around the collar)
ABC promo Barney Miller/Fish
Datsun 200 SX
Gallo Red Rose wine
Colgate toothpaste
Clorox Bleach
Polaroid One Step Camera with James Garner
ABC network promo "Still The One" longer version
International Lady Workers Garment Union (Look for the union label…)
ABC sports 1976 Olympics promo Jim Mckay