Noxima Clean Makeup with Susan Dey
Lava Soap with Judd Hirsch
Mrs. Butterworth's pancake syrup (animated bottle)
Wella Balsem with Jaclyn Smith (same as the one on 70-78 but better quality)
Color Me Quencher lipstick from Chapstick
Mrs. Paul Shorgasboard line
Hanes (Gentlemen prefer Hanes…)
United States Virgin Islands
Sugar Free Fresca
Suburu Brat
Baume and Mercier watch
The Jacksons 1979 tour
Wella Kolesteral hair treatment
Step Saver from Johnson Wax
Lip Quencher gloss stick
York Peppermint Patty (get the sensation)
House Of Guitars (local music store, trippy Monty Python style animation)
Wella Balsem conditioner with Cheryl Ladd
All Day Sunday (local, showcasing all the then hip iron on patches and other 70's stuff they have)
Hanes (Gentlemen Prefer Hanes…)
Gerber Baby food
Burger King Chopped Beef Steak sandwich
Roman Meal Bread
New and Improved Pledge furniture polish
Progresso Soups
New York Lotto
United States Virgin Islands
All Day Sunday (another ad talking about their "happening" iron on shirt patches and other stuff)
Gleem Toothpaste
Chinet Plates
Band-Aid bandages
Johnson's No More Tangles cream rinse for kids
Max-Pax coffee
Gains Top Choice Burger for dogs
Campbell's Curly Noodle Vegetable Soup (with Denise Nickerson from Willy Wonka (Violet)and
Electric Company)
Lipton Family drink mixes
Nair Hair remover
Dixie cups with Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet)
New Formula Windex
Calgon water conditioner
Spray and Vac Rug Cleaner (2)
Tony Randall anti smoking PSA Amercian Cancer Society (appears to have been filmed on the Odd
Couple set)
Wonder Bread (animated faces on bread bags)
National Institute On Alcohol abuse
Clorox Bleach
Formula 4-09 disinfectant cleaner
TV spot for movie "100 Rifles"
Dr. Pepper "Be a Pepper"
Eddie Money album ad
Radio Shack 8 track tape car player sale
Greyhound busses
Maybelline nail color
Kotex light days panty liners
Gleem toothpaste
TV spot for the movie "The Cat From Outer Space"
Journey Infinity album ad
NBC Sportsworld spot
Secret Anti-persperant
Federals ear pearcing
Levi's women's jeans (animated woman and cat)
Ultrabrite toothpaste
Timax Black Max watch
Certs flavor formula
Easy To Be Me panty and pantyhose
Earth Born Shampoo
TV Spot for movie "Revenge Of The Pink Panther"
Wear Master Mufflers
Free Wheelin' Fords
Coke Ads Life (African American themed)
Sears Toughskins jeans for kids
Kodak Instant camera with Dick Van Dyke
Listermint mouthwash
The Army
Schlitz Malt Liquor
TV spot for movie "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band"
Close Up toothpaste
Bell Telephone
Prell Shampoo
Kotex beltless mini-pads
A "M*A*S*H is sponsored by Prudential Insurance" tag
Prudential Insurance(2)
Ragu Classic Combinations
CBS promo: Paper Chase Premier and "The Shootist"
CBS promo CBS Wednesday Night Movie "Are You In The House Alone?"
CBS Logo "This Is CBS" voiceover
Toffefey "It's too good for kids…"
Maxwell House Maxim
Post Raisin Bran
Instant Maxwell House (2)
Handi Wrap
Peperridge Farm Cakes
Dial Deodorant
Wise Potato Chips
Supp-Hose panty hose
Ice Capades
Slender Carnation Drink Mix
Friskees Buffet cat food
Tab Sugar Free Cola
United Negro Collage Fund
Instant Maxwell House
Mod Squad ABC promo
Polaroid Instant camera
Johnson's Baby Shampoo
Gillette Platinum plus razors
Right Guard Anti-stain Anti-persperant
Mod Squad ABC tag
The Streets Of San Francisco ABC promo
Wisk (ring around the collar)
Clairol On The Go Shampoo spray
Sudden tan by Coppertone
Irish Spring soap
Formula 4-09
Lincoln cougar XR-7
Old Milwaukee beer
Geico insurance with Benny Goodman
Michelin Man tires (animated M. Man)
Plymouth Volarie'
Ship And Shore clothing
Holiday Inn
Groton's crunchy fish sticks
Mercedes Benz station wagons
Revelon hair color with Lauren Hutton
PM Magazine TV spot
Busch Beer
Geico insurance
McDonalds (singing workers)
McDonalds (feeding a whole small town)
McDonalds(African American themed)
McDonalds Big Mac (2 all beef patties, special sauce…)
McDonalds "You…you're the one…"
Dodge Vans (Ram Tough)
NBC promo "Buck Rogers in the 25'th Century" and "Quincy"
Polaroid SX70 sonar
Miller Lite Beer with Al Rosen and Spec Richardsen
Manufactuers' Hanover with Tim Conway
Pan-Am airlines
Budweiser, The King Of Beers
Pentax Mini 35mm Camera
Houstin Chronicle with Sissy Spacek
Talon Zippers
No Nonsense Panty hose
Hanes Pantyhose (Gentlemen prefer Hanes)
Playtex super looks panties
Earth Brand shoe stores
Playtex super looks panties
Sheer Energy pantyhose (animated)
Beauty Mist pantyhose
Hush Puppies shoes
Excello shirt company
Van Hussen shirts
Arrow shirts
Scala from Lego
Wheatsworth Crackers from Christie
Ritz Crackers
Premium plus saltines
Dare Cookies
Pillsbury popin fresh dough (doughboy)
Pillsbury crescent rolls
Pillsbury Supreme frosting (spreading with a paper knife)
Burger King
Pillsbury plus cake mix
Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies
Burger King
Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls (looks like James Cromwell)
Pillsbury doughboy talks about the products
Misty portable hair dryer with Susan Dey
Crest with Melissa Gilbert
Dow Bathroom cleaner with scrubbing bubbles
Hamburger Helper
9-Lives with Morris
JC Pennies
Folgiers coffee with Mrs Olson.