Kent Cigarettes

Bell Telephone(2)

Gillette: The Dry Look Spray

Soft And Dry

Kent Menthol 100's

Close Up Toothpaste

Cover Girl Clean Makeup

Noxima Medicated shave cream

Wisk, ring around the collar

Welch's Welchaid grape drink

Vantage Cigarettes

Salem Cigarettes Menthol Superkings

Clairol custom care center vaporizing system

Bufferin Asperin (using Visable Man models)

Pall Mall Gold 100 cigarettes

Kellogg's Corn Flakes

Kellogg's Special K

Bayer Aspirin

Lysol Deodorizing cleaner

Maryland 100's Cigarettes (fresh air cured)


Ford (2)


Wisk, ring around the collar

Caress Body bar

Imperial Margarine

Raid Yard Guard

Velveeta Cheese

Pepsodant toothpaste

Jack In The Box



Wonder Cloths (glitchy, tracking problems)

Johnson's Baby Shampoo (glitchy, tracking problems)

Vasiline Intensive Care Lotion

Coca Cola

ABC Sixth Sense TV show still and voice over promo

New 1973 Chevrolets with local tag

Colgate Toothpaste

Ajax Products rebate offer

Whirlpool Warranties pledge

7-Up with Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky And Hutch)

Old Milwaukee Beer

Seat Belt PSA

Spoon Size Shreaded Wheat



Reece's Peanut Butter Cups

Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise

Pillsbury Poppin Fresh Danish Rolls (with stop motion
P.B. Doughboy)

Bic Pens

Pepto Bismo


First National City Bank

Pfeiffer Caesar dressing

Bumble Bee Tuna

Scott's Paper Products (3)

Philco Refrigerators with Leslie Nielson

Wonder Bread (animated faces on wrapped bread, cute)

Nabisco Cheddar and chips crackers

Haley's M.O. Milk Of Magnesia

Mattel Tuff Stuff plastic shopping cart

Ultra Ban 5000

Renewzit Solid air freshener

Prime variety dog dinner

Jello pudding

Product 19


Cascade (2)

The Exorcist TV spot


Sugar Free Dr. Pepper (2)

Kodak XL Movie Camera(2)

Levi's Jeans (animated, kind of psychedelic)

Dr. Pepper (2, one with Lee Travino)

Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo

French's Mustard




General Tires

Krylon paint (drip test)

Kellogg's Product 19

Caress body bar

Michelin Tires

FL Savings and Loan

Roman Meal Bread

Atlas Tires Raid Yard Guard Fab Detergent

Axion Pre soak

Sugar Twin

Ben Gay

Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing

Clorox Bleach (announcer buys shirt from lady in
Laundromat and rips it in half to test)

Sta-Puf blue fabric softener

ABC promo Showoff, a game show

International Coffee's from General Mills

Arid Extra Dry


White Rain Shampoo (William Shallert voice over)


Pitch In (Don't Litter) PSA

Mandingo TV spot


Tendermaid Canned Ham

Dole Bananas with Teri Garr

Purina Puppy Chow

Rubbermaid Products

Wrangler No Fault Denim jeans and jackets

Dole Chunk Pineapple

Gerber Baby food

Butterball Turkey

Rice Krispees (mom and daughter making rice krispee

Tegrin Medicated Cream

Ocean Spray Cranberry drink products

Bell Telephone

Flintstones Vitamins (William Shallert voice over)



Friskees Kitten food

I Can't Believe It's A Girdle

Playtex Feminine towelettes

Windex (audio/video picture glitch)


Extra Strength Efferdent

Listerine Anti Septic

Spoon Size Shredded Wheat (audio drop outs)

Arm And Hammer Baking Soda

Smuckers Jam

Roy And Dale Evans for Seven Seas dressing

1977 Thundarbird

Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise

Skippy Peanut Butter

J.C. Pennies Jeans

Alka Seltzer (Plop, Plop fizz, fizz)

ABC Promo Tony Randall show/ Nancy Walker Show

ABC Promo 21 Hours at Munich

Clorox 2

Ultra Brite Toothpaste

Plymouth Fury

Golden Griddle Pancake Syrup

Mazola Margarine (you call it corn, we call it Maize)

ABC Promo Paul Lynde Halloween Special with KISS and
Look What Happened To
Rosemary's baby

Shasta Orange Soda(with Frankenstein Monster parody)

It's Alive TV Spot

The Giant Spider Invasion TV Spot

Lemony Pepsi Light

Hills Bros. European Style coffee

Glass Beer bottles

Hefty Tall Kitchen Bags

Nine Lives Square meals

Exxon retailers

Black Flagg overnight roach killer

G.E. Truckload sale


Big Batch cookies from Betty Crocker

Remington XLR electric shaver

Eveready Batteries with Robert Conrad (I dare you to
knock the battery off his shoulder)

Mrs Butterworth's syrup

ABC Promo Barretta

Tickle Anti-Persperant

Bufferin Aspirin

ABC Promo Welcome Back Kotter/What's Happening

Sears Anti freeze and Tires

Sears Kenmore

Mazda GLC, "It's A Great little Car"

Cover Girl Mascara

Bic Lighter (flick your Bic)

Rive Gouge Perfume Sine-Off (Glitch)

ABC Wide World Of Sports (look fast at the Muscleman,
It's Arnold Schwartzenegger! This spot
is on the tape twice, first time it's bad quality, second, it's
much better quality)

United Way with Rodney Dangerfield

Safety Glasses PSA

ABC public affairs show "Directions" promo

Drunk Driving PSA

ABC Good Morning America promo

Ford LTD

Aim Toothpaste

Michelob Beer Mich 7 smaller bottle aimed at women

Jeep CJ

ABC Promo Barbara Walters interviews Elisabeth Taylor/
The Shaw Of Iran/ and Barbara

Right Guard Power Pump

Tame Cream Rinse

ABC Still The One Promo showcasing Operation Petticoat

ABC Eight Is Enough promo Still and voice over

McDonalds new Sundaes

1977 Ford Grenada

Glad Stand Up Storage Bags

Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade

Timex Cavatina

Kingsford Charcoal (William Shallert voice over)

Empire Of The Ants TV Spot

The Sentinel TV spot

Freaky Friday TV Spot (Disney movie with Jodie Foster)


Ambassador Handbag

Curtis Mathis TV (free remote control offer, a $100 value!)

Bonanza restaurants (including Bob Denver and Don
Knots playing their popular characters)

Folgiers Coffee

Vick's Daycare medicine

Lavoris mouth wash

Toyota Carolla

Memorex (Is it live? Or Is it Memorex?)

7-Up Disco style

J.C. Pennies men's suits


Ford Cars

Coors Beer

Orbit Sugar Free Gum