Scroll down to see opening page. For info on Mego cards and boxes you do not see here (i.e Planet Of The Apes, Robin Hood, etc) please contact me. What you want is most probabaly available. Mego73's Rebox Your Megos Custom Box Packaging for vintage action figures

Home of the best repro and custom boxes for your Mego action

Here, all the boxes offered have gone through meticulous
restorations so that none of the problems with the original (wear,
tear, aging and fading) are on the reproduction you get.

Also, the repros themselves go way beyond the usual "stick a color
copy onto board"motif of many a repro maker.

These come out as high quality, high dpi printouts that after being
mounted on board get a actual gloss finish. The colorful prints look
even better with a gloss finish(it improves color and contrast) and
certainly more authentic.

Also, boxes come with a fully finished, properly folded color
insert. No more bent pieces of color poster board that allow the
figure to shift all over the place.

Here you won't only find many of the boxes you want, you
will find the right one for the version figure you have.

But, how about those figures that never got boxes and how about those
figures you customize yourself? How about authentically styled deluxe
customs that look like they popped out of a Mego factory in the early

It's all here, in all the rich, shiny, candy color glory that you
remember from Mego. And, if you still want to time trip, don't
forget that you get the
old commercials that you thought you

So, have fun and AWAY MEGO...